Real values With courage, ideas and drive.

Real values

For us, real values mean both expertise and passion for tangible assets, as well as the clear commitment to responsibility that goes hand in hand with a defining portfolio. Because the substance and effect of our tangible assets go far beyond returns and have a lasting impact on the lives of our customers, investors, partners and the society we are all part of.

Our residential districts bring generations together. Our urban living concepts contribute to integration into cities. And our investments in renewable energies make the unlimited power of nature tangible for many people.

In this way, real tangible assets can make a real change for the better. We strongly believe that it is not the most capital, but the best ideas will drive the world forward in the long term.

Big questions

What drives us

At Commerz Real, we believe that good questions should not only give us pause for thought, but also drive us. Most of the questions that occupy our time, our industry and our company are not ones that we can answer alone or in full. But the wide scope should not stop us from looking for answers and measuring our actions against them. With our Big Questions, we would like to provide an insight into how we think at Commerz Real, what we understand by real values and, above all, invite you to discuss them with us.


How do we build circularly to sustainably preserve, enhance and activate buildings?


How can digitalisation promote sustainable buildings, urban development and infrastructure?


How will people live, work, consume in the future?


Our responsibility

Designing successful long-term investments in tangible assets is a real challenge. This is because it is not only the quality of the tangible assets that matters, but also how they integrate into their environment, how future-proof they are, and what added value they provide for our society.

Combining economy, sustainability and quality in each of our tangible assets – this is our responsibility.

If you’re serious about real sustainability and avoiding CO₂,

you have to think about real estate and energy together.”
Henning Koch
CEO of Commerz Real AG

If you’re serious about real sustainability and avoiding CO₂,

you have to think about real estate and energy together.”


What do real values mean for you?

For us, real values mean maintaining a long-term view in times when hype and fast money abound on the financial market. Asking ourselves in all our decisions what their impact will be in the long term and what they will change in the long term.  

Our focus is not only on topics such as sustainability as being exclusively on environmental goals, even though we as asset managers in the renewables and real estate sectors can make a lot of difference in the energy transition. Our responsibility also manifests itself in the expansion of social housing or the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises by making premium locations and networked office concepts accessible.  By designing and supporting new work concepts for doctors and healthcare providers, we create impact in the area of the health transition.

Why is this topic so important to you?

As asset managers for tangible assets, we can have a significant impact on our world. This is a great responsibility and an opportunity for us, which we use and put a lot of heart and passion in our investments. 

In everything we do, we are guided by the desire to create something tangible, real, practical. We want to make a positive impact on the lives and activities of our tenants, investors and partners.