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More than 50 years of commitment to real values

Commerz Real at a glance

We are Commerz Real AG – one of the most experienced and largest asset managers in Germany and a renowned asset manager in Europe. As a Commerzbank Group company, we manage a total of over 35 Billion Euro billion euros in 19 countries on four continents.
We have been committed to real values for 52 years. Our holistic approach puts the needs and benefits of our tenants, investors and the general public at the forefront. To do this, we raise capital from retail and institutional investors who want to invest in future-proof tangible assets and bundle this into tailored fund structures. 

Our portfolios reflect real estate usage types ranging from office, shopping and hotels to residential. Our properties are all committed to one maxim: A first-class location is the key to long-term success. In the area of renewable energies, we are shaping the European energy transition together with our partners by investing in innovative solar parks and profitable wind turbines.
With our expertise, we cover the entire value chain of our tangible assets – from the acquisition through development and rental to the sale of our assets, we offer all trades from a single source. This allows us to make it possible for our investors to invest in real estate, renewables and infrastructure without having to worry about the daily management and operation of the assets.
We round off our range of services by acting as a manufacturer-independent leasing provider of the Commerzbank Group, Systems, machines, equipment and commercial vehicles – we support medium-sized companies with optimal leasing solutions for their mobile operating assets.

We create sustainable and inspiring living spaces

Our assets shape the living environments of our society on a daily basis. This is both a motivation and a commitment for our around 800 employees. We have a responsibility towards people. People who live and work in our properties. People who entrust us with their capital and for whom we make a secure future possible through stable investments. People who we provide with sustainable infrastructure. People who we assist to make themselves and their business a reality. We take this responsibility seriously. That’s why we don't just focus on short-term profits, but create long-term value that will last for generations.

Success through responsibility. 

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A brief history of Commerz Real

Half a century of passion for tangible assets

Today’s Commerz Real AG was established in 2007 through the merger of the Commerzbank subsidiaries Commerz Grundbesitz Group (CGG) and CommerzLeasing und Immobilien AG (CLI).  Due to the merger of two different companies, the roots of Commerz Real AG date back to 1972 – more than half a century ago.  
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Our responsibility

Sustainability at Commerz Real

At Commerz Real, sustainability is an integral part of our strategic alignment and is taken into account in all our activities. With our products and our portfolio, we bear responsibility, which we take seriously and continuously develop further. Be it the ESG Capability Rating by the rating agency Scope for us and our products or the EU taxonomy conformity of our funds, we value verifiable results. 
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Between mindset and metaverse

Digital transformation

In the digital age, employees are the greatest assets. We know that in order to promote the competitiveness and innovativeness of Commerz Real, we must create a sustainable, innovative corporate culture and develop our employees’ digital skills. That’s why we promote independent and connected working, create a culture of trust that allows for mistakes and involves employees in change processes at an early stage. We are also investing in their digital know-how and an agile mindset, because this is the only way we can drive innovations to market maturity quickly. Our measures in the digital transformation include changing our system landscape to SAP RISE and our joint venture Susteco with Bosch Building Technologies.