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Careers Between desk and wind turbine

20.09.2023 3 Reading Time

Christopher Herten is part of CR’s technical asset management team – and thus commutes between his desk and wind turbines. In a brief profile, he introduces us to what a Technical Asset Manager does in the area of Green Deal Infrastructure.
It is rarely a straightforward path to renewable energy..."
klimaVest: Asset Manager Christopher
Christopher Herten
Senior Technical Manager Green Deal Infrastructure
My tasks are primarily the technical aspects of asset management. As part of the professionalisation of Commerz Real in the area of renewable energies and, above all, the constant expansion of the portfolio, it made sense for us to pool our expertise in-house in order to be able to work and act in a largely self-determined and independent manner. In my role, I act as the interface between the operations management of the respective plants and asset management, which is more on the commercial side. A lot of my work is done at my desk, but I do get out sometimes. When I do get out, I visit the operations managers and get a personal impression of the systems on site.
Personally, I got into the profession in a roundabout way. I started my apprenticeship as an energy electronics engineer in 2000, followed by an apprenticeship as a state-certified technician before joining the renewable energy sector in 2007. As this area is generally still quite new, it is characterised by career changers – and we are always happy to welcome new colleagues with fresh perspectives to the team! Commerz Real is a modern and future-oriented employer where I can work flexibly and in a family-friendly way, while at the same time further developing myself in the company and thus defining myself.